Push for Industry Action

The objective of the Blue Standard Industry Awareness Campaign is focused primarily on the industry’s use of synthetic fabrics to cut corners in production, resulting in the shedding of microfibers during washing and the overproduction of short-lived garments that are designed with the similar mentality of single-use plastics; wear once, maybe twice, and dispose.

The main component of the Industry Awareness Campaign is “Blue Standard Certification”. Blue Standard Certification is an initiative designed to influence the fashion industry to reduce the amount of synthetic materials used in the creation of clothing. Blue Standard Certification is a certification process that clothing brands undergo to ensure and verify that all of the garments they design, manufacture, and sell contain less than 10% synthetic material. The certification will start at 10% or less synthetic due to the use of the minimal amount of spandex, nylon, and other materials that are required for a garment to stretch. The amount of synthetic material allowed under Blue Standard Certification is subject to adjustment as sustainable alternatives are developed. Upon meeting the Blue Standard, brands may license the logo to use on clothing tags, in-store, and online.

The goal of the Blue Standard Industry Awareness Campaign is to support first adopters of synthetic-free apparel, in tangent with holding the fast fashion industry accountable for its microfiber footprint. This campaign starts with educating consumers on how to identify a fabric as synthetic, recycled synthetic, and natural – which is Blue Standard Certified.